Kavanaugh Eye Care: Patient Information

Medical Insurances & Vision Plans

We accept most major medical insurance plans and several vision benefit plans. We are adding new plans all the time, so please call our office and we will be happy to look up your benefits.

Please have your medical insurance and vision plan information available when you schedule your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my vision plan out-of-network at Kavanaugh Eye Care?

Yes!  It is your vision plan after-all.  We are happy to help you submit for reimbursement to your plan.

I don’t have vision insurance but Dr. Guice is a provider for my health insurance plan.  Will my medical insurance cover my exam?

More often than not, yes.  Eye exams address much more than routine vision evaluations.  After researching your insurance benefits we can give you a better idea of out-of-pocket expenses.

I don’t have a separate vision plan but my medical insurance does allow for 1 routine eye exam every year or two. Can Kavanaugh Eye Care bill my exam for me?

Yes.  This is billed to your medical insurance the same way as other services, often with a lower copay and no deductible.